The Miami Sportfishing Club held its annual Interclub Sailfish Challenge. Sportfishermen of Broward (SOB) finished second at the event and the Fourbidden Team releases seven sailfish.

This past weekend we hosted the 14th Annual Inter Club Sailfish Challenge. With over 50 anglers fishing and 4 clubs participating, this tournament was destined to be an exciting one.

We had our club, Miami Beach Rod & Reel Club, Lighthouse Point Saltwater Association and Sportsfishermen of Broward all participate in our year tournament. Although the weather wasn’t very cooperative in the morning, with winds under 10 knots, the tournament managed to release 51 Sailfish by the time it was all over.

I fished with TJ Nolan, David Vittier, and Elvin Andurray on the Bottom Line. We began the day right out front of Key Biscayne and quickly managed to release two fish early in the morning. We were in the top three boats most of the day Eric Castillo on Kimbuktu leading the pack. Eventually things slow down but we still managed to pick at them throughout the day. We ended up in fourth place as a boat.

The club on the other hand finished in 1st place with the top three boats releasing 20 fish. The top angler was our very own David Vittier who had 5 releases and finally the top boat went to Kimbuktu who was also representing the club.

These were some of the other results from the tournament:

Club Standings: Top Three Boats for each Club

1) Miami Sportfishing Club: Total Releases 20 ( Kimbuktu 9) (Bottom Line 6) (Never Satisfied 5)
2) Sport Fisherman of Broward: Total Releases 12 (Fourbidden 7) (Kristen D 3) (Ruby Slippers 2)
3) Rod & Reel Club : Total Releases 7 (Kamina II 7) last confirmation #35
4) LHPSSA : Total Releases 7 (Crescendo 5) last confirmation #49 (Marlin Darlin 2)

Top Boat:
Kimbuktu 900 Points
Kamina II 700 Points
Fourbidden 700 Points

Top Angler
David Vitter 500 Points on the Bottom Line
Joe Fernandez 400 Points on the Kimbuktu
Ricky Linder 400 Points on the Kamina II